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Activities and Games

Activities for Cub & Boy Scouts

Here are Some Suggested Ways to Integrate the Arrow of Light Board into your program:

First, start by issuing an arrow to the Tiger upon joining. The leader of the pack, Akela can enter the meeting with the arrows in his quiver (holder for reserve arrows). He gives the Arrows to each individual Tiger during a ceremony, charging the Tiger to follow Akela to the Arrow of Light. The Den Leader would keep the arrow. Every few months the Den Leader works with the cub scout to paint strips on the arrow signifying arrow points or rank advancements earned.

At the end of the cub program, the Arrow is mounted on the plaque and presented to the scout at a ceremony upon achieving the “Arrow of Light” rank award. Possible ceremonies where the “Arrow of Light ” could be presented could include “Blue and Gold”, Bridging over to Scouts, etc. The plaque can be displayed in the boy’s room as a remembrance of his accomplishment. At the end of the Webelos program, the Den Leader paints stripes on the arrow representing the rank advancement achievements the scout has obtained while in the cub scout program. The arrow is then mounted on the plaque and presented to the scout at a special ceremony. Younger cub scouts are impressed by the arrow on the plaque. The Arrow of Light Board can be used as a motivational tool to excite cubs to work harder on advancement.

Boy & Cub Scout Games

Smelling Spiders

Impress your Cubs by asking them if they can smell spiders. Of course, you really can’t, but they don’t know that. Place flashlight facing out in front of you alongside the side of your head at eye height. You will see the reflection of the spider eyes. The cubs will generally hold the flashlight out in front of them and will not see the reflection. They will be impressed with your skill to find spiders.

Ice Breaker

ice breaker game cub scouts

Find a parent who meets the requirement. Obtain their signature. A parent can only sign for one question. Return to the Game Master identified for this game and hand in your completed form. First 6 to complete and return to the person identified wins a prize.


1) Someone who has a laptop computer. ___________________

2) Someone who works in the medical field.___________

3) Someone who has a boat._____________________

4) Someone who is wearing shoes without shoelaces, buckles or Velcro. ________________________

5) Someone whose parent is a life scout. _____________

6) Someone who has a daughter. ___________________

Game Ice Breaker from Jeanne of Cradle of Liberty, Lafayette District

Grab Bag

This is a great game for October. You need one large bag of dress-up clothing. Have the group sit in a circle, you can either play music or recite the cub scout promise. Pass the bag around the circle and on whatever signal you decide on for stopping, whoever has the bag at that time must take one piece of clothing out of the bag and put in on. Everyone in the group at the end of the game ends up with a funny outfit on. Great for den meetings or as an icebreaker at the first pack meeting. You can then move on to impromptu skits or just laugh at each other.

The Maze

Blindfold members of your den and have them follow a length of rope with their hands as it loops over obstacles and around bends. You could tie the rope between trees or chairs. At various locations attach easily recognizable objects.

Have the team members feel their way along the rope in silence and attempt to identify the objects and remember them.

Afterwards have the write down the objects they remembered as individuals or as a team.


This is a counting and listening game. Form all the participants in a circle. One person starts by stating, “We are going to play YeeHa 5”, (it could be any number). That person then starts the counting “one”. The next person says “two”, etc. until you get to five. That person would say “Yeeha”. Then next persons turn in the circle would say “six” and so on. Every fifth count (5,10,15,etc.) would say “Yeeha”. As time progresses people will mess up and they are then out.

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