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28″ Chippewa Arrow with 1 inch stone tip


Are you running late or just don’t have the time?

We can Personalize your arrow for $12.00 each (includes cost of paint) Allow up to 7 additional days for delivery. Please contact Lisa via our contact form or by phone 919-870-6693 to discuss details. Please use “personalized arrow” in the subject.

Painting information:

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Arrow Information:

  • One (1) Handmade Chippewa, aka Ojibway, Ojibwa. The tribal name they used for each other or for the Indians was Annishinabe, which means “puckered” most likely because of their mocassins
  • The white man called them Chippewa. Say Chippewa/Ojibwa aloud and you can see how close they sound
  • The stripes on the arrow represent who made the arrow. Each maker has his own stripe design.
  • An excellent page to learn more about the life and times of the Chippewa Indians go to
  • Another website is

Arrow Details:

  • Arrow is 27-28 inches long made of balsa or cedar, stained for a rustic look, 3/8 inch in diameter
    the fletchings are about 5 inches long, 3 real wild turkey feathers which have been clipped
  • The tip is 1 inch stone tip of various colors
  • the 2 stripes on the arrow are the signature of the maker of the arrow. This helps identify a lost arrow in the woods, a winner of a game, etc. Maybe you can put your signature on this arrow.
  • the Fletching and stone tip are wrapped with sinew to the shaft. Arrows without sinew wrapped fletching and tip hardly come close to the beauty and authenticity our arrows exemplify

NOTE* your shipping costs are a flat $10 fee if only arrows ordered. Arrow disclaimers This “Arrow” is not endorsed or licensed by the BSA®. See Terms and Conditions of Product Liability. This arrow is not a toy and should be securely mounted onto a plaque or hung with sinew to the wall.

Arrow painting service: * I paint awards on arrows, $12 for ranks only(Level 1), $15 for Ranks and adventures (Level 2), $`19,00 for Ranks, Adventures and all other awards (Level 3).. see painting levels for more information



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