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28″ Navajo Arrow with 1 inch stone tip


Are you running late or just don’t have the time?

We can Personalize your arrow (includes cost of paint) See schedule below for paining schedule.Allow up to 7 additional days for delivery.


  • One (1) Handmade and signed Navajo Arrow made by Marlin Goldtooth, a Navajo tribesman
  • The Navajo arrow shaft is flamed finished cedar or balsa.


  • Arrow is 27-28 inches long, including turkey feathers and approximately 1 inch flint stone tip.
  • The shaft is about 3/8 inch diameter.
  • The fletching and stone tip are wrapped to the shaft with synthetic sinew
  • the stone tip will be of varying colors, from colorless to black and everyting in between, no two will look alike as these are all hand knapped. The sample in the pictures may not be what you will receive.
  • The fletching are from Wild turkeys. They are not dyed or painted and come from regulated breeders. The fletching are not cut, but left in their natural way and come with natural imperfections. They can measure from 1 inch to 2 inches wide.
  • the ends have a nock in them, but we don’t recommend them for archery purposes. They are primarily for display only.


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This “Arrow” is not endorsed or licensed by the BSA®. See Terms and Conditions of Product Liability.
DISCLAIMER: THE WORD “NAVAHO” MAY OR MAY NOT BE ON THE ARROW SHAFT. Depends on what the supplier sends me! Military Families to APO and FPO get 5% discount NOTE* if you are ONLY ordering arrows, flat fee is $10.00.

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