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Arrow Painting- You supply your arrow


Your scouts’ will hold their arrow with pride and the younger scouts will be motivated and excited to receive their own Arrow of Light™ award. We will paint your arrow for you for a $25.00 charge.

  • This includes the cost of labor and paint.
  • You will receive product in about 10-14 working days.
  • Allow extra time January and February as that is our busy time.
  • Acrylic paint is used. Worksheet will be sent to you via email to fill out.
  • Arrows are not included in this price.
  • This cost is for those who provide me their own arrows.


Arrow Painting Specifications:

Whether you use paint, tape, thread, floss or even colored fishing line, adding the career bands to the arrow can make the award more personal and pleasing to the eye. It follows the path your scout has earned, led by Akela to the Arrow of Light™, the highest award given to a Cub Scout™.


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