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Bone Tip Chippewa Arrow


Are you running late or just don’t have the time? We can Personalize your arrow for $12.00 each (includes cost of paint) Allow up to 7 additional days for delivery. Please contact Lisa via our contact form or by phone 919-870-6693 to discuss details. Please use “personalized arrow” in subject. Contains:

One (1) Handmade Chippewa (Ojibwa) Arrow


  • Arrow is 27-28 inches long, including turkey feathers and approximately 2 inch bone tip. The shaft is about 3/8 inch diameter.
  • The fletching are Natural Turkey feathers. They are NOT White feathers that have been dyed to look like natural feathers
  • This “Arrow” is not endorsed or licensed as an Arrow of Light Award by the BSA®. See Terms and Conditions of Product Liability.

Painting Choices:

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Military Families to APO and FPO get 5% discount NOTE* if you are ordering arrows or anything in combination that does NOT INCLUDE ANY WOOD PRODUCT, your shipping costs is a flat fee of $10.00.


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