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CubItems Award kit with Arrow & Plaque


The Kit contains the Following:

– Choice of Arrow (see Below)
– Instructions to Finish Award Board and comments how to fit into your program
– Instructions to Paint Arrow with Career Bands
– Two Pegs to hold Arrow onto Plaque
– Sinew to Hold Arrow onto Pegs
– Award Board with hump and routed in starburst

Arrow Selection (Chippewa or Navajo) (Optional) *

Painting of the Arrows *



SKU: 1
*Are you running late or just don’t have the time? We can Personalize your arrow for $12.00 each (includes cost of paint) Allow up to 7 additional days for delivery. Please contact Lisa via our contact form or by phone 919-870-6693 to discuss details. Please use “personalized arrow” in subject matter.

Note* This award does NOT include a nameplate.  Personalized nameplate available on website, or refer to kit on website that DOES include nameplate


Arrow is 27-28 inches long, including turkey feathers and approximately 1 inch flint stone tip. The shaft is about 3/8 inch diameter. See specific details under the above “Arrow” button.
Plaque is 28 inches long, and 6 3/4 inches at its widest point, 3/4 inch think.
This “Kit” or “Arrow” is not endorsed or licensed by the BSA®. See Terms and Conditions of Product Liability.
If you want to have it decorated, choose PAINTING OF THE ARROWS and a worksheet will be sent to you. Please fill it out, return it and expect delivery up to 3 weeks (usually sooner, but to be safe, allow for 3 weeks.)

** Military Families to APO land FPO receive a 5% discount Please select your arrow and IF you want it painted or not.

Choosing a 2-inch arrowhead arrow will add $5.00 to the cost.

Painting of the Arrow:

Level 1 – $12.00 – all 7 ranks (Bobcat, Tiger,Wolf, Bear, Webelo, Arrow of Light and Arrow rank and Arrow of Light award)
Level 2 – $15.00 – all 7 ranks + all white colored Adventures after ranks
Level 3 – $19.00 – All 7 ranks + each rank color coded Adventures after ranks

NOTE** It has gotten very expensive to ship wood products. All of our wood product items will now have a surcharge to cover this shipping charge. We are sorry but Postal Rates have recently just gone through the roof!!! The surcharge for the humpback Award Board is $1.75 each.
For example you order Ten ornaments, six 28 inch Chippewa Arrows, six of these kits your shipping charge will be the $15.00 flat fee + $10.50

As of 10/2022 we ship UPS Ground unless otherwise requested,  revised shipping charges will apply

Arrow Selection (Chippewa or Navajo) Optional.:
Chippewa Arrow with 1 inch stone tip
Bone Tip Chippewa Arrow
Chippewa Arrow with 2 inch stone tip for an Additional $5
Arrows are 28″ long, have 1 inch stone tips and three 5 inch wild turkey feather fletching. Arrow choice will be honored, depending on availability. Add $5.00 for the 2 inch arrowheads.

Additional information

Dimensions 28 in
Arrow Selection (Optional)

Bone Tip Chippewa Arrow, Chippewa Arrow with 1 inch stone tip, Chippewa Arrow with 2 inch stone tip for an Additional $5, Navajo Arrow 28 " with 1 inch stone tip

Arrow Painting Service

level 1 Painting for +$12.00, Level 2 Painting for +$15, Level 3 Painting for +$18, Level 3C – +$18 Color Coded Advancements per rank – NEW PROGRAM, Level 3W – +$18 All White Advancements per rank NEW PROGRAM, None


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