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CubItems Award Personalized Kit with Arrow, Plaque & Nameplate


Kit Contains:

  • One (1) Handmade Chippewa (Ojibwa) Arrow arrow.
  • One (1) Unfinished Plaque Made from Bass Wood
  • Two (2) Pegs to Mount Arrow On Plaque
  • One (1) Brass colored Aluminum Metal Nameplate that includes Name, Pack number and Date.

Instructions for applying Career Bands To Arrow.

Arrow painting service *

A form will be sent to you to fill out for the scout’s awards.

Arrow Selection (Chippewa or Navajo) (Optional) *

Arrows are 28″ long, have 1 inch stone tips and three 5 inch wild turkey feather fletching. Arrow choice will be honored, depending on availability. Add $5.00 for the 2 inch arrowheads.

Nameplate choice of Cub Scout or Arrow of Light Emblem *

You may choose either nameplate but the Arrow of Light Emblem is an additional $2.00. The default nameplate is the Cub Scout diamond shape for no additional charge

Name: *

You may add as many names as you need in this text box, then select the appropriate quantity. This applies if the pack and date are all the same.

Pack: *

Date: *

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*Are you running late or just don’t have the time?
We can Personalize your arrow. Please contact Lisa via our contact form or by phone 919-870-6693 to discuss details. If you email, Please use “personalized arrow” in the subject matter.

I paint ranks only for $12.oo, Ranks and adventures for $15.00 .  Ranks, adventures and special awards for $19.00.

If you want to have it decorated, choose PAINTING OF THE ARROWS and a worksheet will be sent to you. Please fill it out, return it and expect delivery up to 3 weeks (usually sooner, but to be safe, allow for 3 weeks.)


  • Both Arrows are 27-28 inches long, including 3 Wild turkey feathers and approximately 1 or 2 inch flint stone tip.
  • The 2 inch arrowhead is an additional $5.00
  • The shaft is about 3/8 inch diameter made of balsa or cedar.
  • Plaque is 28 inches long, and 6 3/4 inches at its widest point, 3/4 inch thick.

We carry the only authentic and signed in paint, Chippewa arrows.


  • 3 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches tall -made of Brass coated aluminum.
    3 lines of type included with price.
  • Additional lines available upon request by using our contact form or by calling 919-870-6693
  • The picture depicted with the Cub Scout™ logo, but plates can be made with the new Arrow of Light™ symbol for a $2.00 upcharge.
  • Nameplates are scheduled to be printed on Fridays. Allow for 10-14 days for delivery depending on which day you order them.

Delivery schedules: Normally 10-14 days, January and February possibly 2-3 weeks. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

See policies and shipping information.

A $15 FLAT SHIPPING CHARGE WILL BE ADMINISTERED TO ALL WOOD PRODUCT ORDERS…$1.75 upcharge per orders for shipping each wood plaque(s).

We Ship via UPS ground unless you need them sent by Fedexed or Priority Mail (additional charge TBD)
For Instance, if you order 8 ornaments, five 28 inch chippewa Arrows and 3 of these kits the shipping will be the $15.00 flat fee + $5.25


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