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CubItems Standard Bone Tip Arrow & Plaque Kit


Plaque is 28 inches long, and 3 inches wide. Comes with 2 pegs to mount the arrow. Routed edges finish the plaque.

One (1) Handmade Chippewa (Ojibwa) Arrow with Bone Tip.
One (1) Unfinished Plaque Made from Bass Wood Two (2) Pegs to Mount Arrow On Plaque.
Instructions For Applying Career Bands To Arrow.

Arrow Decorating service *

A form will be sent to you to fill out for the scout’s awards.

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Nameplate Choices if you want a nameplate for your Award Board

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Military Families to APO and FPO get 5% discount


Shipping Charges are a $10 Flat Fee, however, a $1.50 surcharge is added when ordering this wood plaque incombination with any other products. For instance, if you order three 28 inch Chippewa Arrows, eight ornaments and six of these kits, your shipping charge will be the flat fee of $10.00 plus $9 (6 x $1.50) = $19.00.

as of 10/2022, We ship via UPS ground unless otherwise requested with revised Shipping charges


  • The Chippewa Arrow with Bone Tip is 27-28 inches long.
  • Real Wild Turkey feathers and a 2 inch Bone tip arrowhead are sinew wrapped to the shaft.
  • See Bone tip arrow on Arrow landing page for pictures and details.
  • The 2 stripes on the arrow(Orange and Green) is the Chippewa way to identify the maker.
  • This “Kit” or “Arrow” is not endorsed or licensed by the BSA®. See Terms and Conditions of Product Liability.

If you want to have the arrow decorated, choose PAINTING OF THE ARROWS and a worksheet will be sent to you. Please fill it out, return it and expect delivery up to 3 weeks (usually sooner, but to be safe, allow for 3 weeks.)

If you want the nameplate, the 2 styles we have (Cub Scout logo or Arrow of Light logo) can be viewed on their respective landing pages under Accessories


  • Level 1 Painting – $12.00 – 7 Rank Stripes (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelo I, Webelo II and Arrow of Light)
  • Level 2 – $15.00 – 7 Rank Stripes, + Gold/Silver Arrow points and Webelo Activity Pins
    Level 3 – $19.00 – 7 Rank Stripes + Gold/Silver Arrow Points and Webelo Activity Pins and other awards such as Outdoor Activity Pins, Leave No Trace, Whittling Chip, etc.

For Shipping information see our Terms and conditions



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