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Deluxe 28 inch Chippewa arrow with 2 inch stone tip (Out of Stock)


The Chippewa arrow you see here is all hand made and fashioned after the arrow used by the Chippewa Indians of yore.

  • The fletching, or feathers are all natural Wild turkey feathers, not dyed or synthetic.
  • The Chippewa Indians were originally known as the Ojibwa or Anishinabe.
  • If you say Ojibwa fast enough, you can see how they got the Chippewa name.
  • The tribes, about 150 of them, were located in the upper midwest and in lower Canada.
  • You can learn more about the Chippewa Indians at
  • There are 3 feathers per arrow, hand wrapped to the shaft with synthetic sinew.
  • The feathers are about 5 inches in length. The feathers have been clipped to form an even straight edge.

Out of stock

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The feather spines are not glued to the shaft. The fletching need to breathe (stretch and contract) depending on temperature and humidity. The feathers were tacked the ends to the arrows with pitch or tar by the forefathers. Today a synthetic glue is used.

The shaft is stained. It is also chipped, scraped, gouged to make it look like it has been whittled from a tree branch. Very authentic looking.

The tip is made of stone, hand knapped and wrapped to the shaft with synthetic sinew. No two arrowheads are alike. These should not be treated as Toys, but to be respected as an Indian artifact.
The sinew is synthetic. Real sinew is made of deer tendon.

The red and green stripes on the arrow is the signature of arrow maker
Our arrows are high quality, hand made, and ready to be awarded to an Arrow of Light™ recipient.

Military, APO and FPO receive 5% discount.

As you can see by our testimonials, painting arrow shafts can bring more meaning to the award by adding the career bands and other activity awards. We provide this service for a nominal fee. Choose the level of painting in the bullets. There are 3 levels of painting defined below. Once the order is received,a form will be sent to you via email to fill out. Return it as soon as possible so we can personalize the arrow for you. Remember, January is VERY HEAVY work load for us and we use the FIFO (First In first Out) business model.

AT least get get your order in and name on our books to secure a spot in line even if you do not have the award sheet filled out.

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Weight 1 lbs
Arrow Painting Service

level 1 Painting for +$12.00, Level 2 Painting for +$15, Level 3 Painting for +$18, Level 3C – +$18 Color Coded Advancements per rank – NEW PROGRAM, Level 3W – +$18 All White Advancements per rank NEW PROGRAM, None


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