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Desktop Award


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Desktop Award
If you don’t like putting holes in your wall or have limited space, then this versatile award may be just your ticket. It can be laid flat on a desk or dresser or hung on a wall, you make the choice below. The Desktop version comes with 2 wooden pegs to hold the arrow and a separate wooden plaque to hold the. The wall-mounted version does not have the nameplate holder but you can have the larger nameplate if you want.

The arrow comes with 2 painted stripes which are the “signature” of the arrow maker.


Chippewa Arrow – 14 inches total length. 3 wild turkey feathers sinew wrapped to shaft by synthetic sinew. Shaft is stained and made of balsa or cedar with a nock. Arrow head approximately 1 inch long and sinew wrapped to shaft.
The Arrow is fully assembled.
Unfinished Base is approximately 16 1/2 inches long x 3 inches wide x 3/4. Made from Basswood. You will need to stain base and the pegs. The pegs need to be pounded into the base holes that hold arrow.
Nameplate can be placed on the board or on a baseplate. The baseplate will need to be glued to plaque. Nameplate is 3″ x 1″ with 3 lines of type and Cub Scout™ logo. If all the pack/dates are the same, just enter the information once on the first line.
Personalize the Arrow with our $3.50 tape or Paint with the major awards your scout has earned
The larger Arrow of Light nameplate cannot be used with this award. The nameplate base is to small to accomodate it.
Shipping Information:

A $15 flat shipping fee will be collected. An Additional $1.25 will be charge per wood plaque ordered. For example, you order ten (10) 28 inch Chippewa arrows and four (4) of these kits, your shipping charge will be the $15 flat fee + $5

A note from Lee in Honolulu:
“Hello from Pack 49 in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had placed an order with you
for 7 Arrow of Light desktop awards back in February. I am just
letting you know how happy and satisfied we were with your product and
service. We made it a pack project and let all of the boys work on
assembling and staining the awards. Our awards ceremony was held on
February 19th and everything went smoothly. Thank you once again. ”

The kit you see here is totally assembled and how it will look like when it is done. This arrow can be decorated with either paint or the $3.50 tape.
Note: Nameplates are made on Fridays

Shipping Information:
Depending on when product ordered, items will be sent the following week after nameplate is printed. Generally expect shipment 10-14 days after order is placed.
FEDEX is available upon request.
APO and FPO Military orders receive a 5% discount

Comes with the wooden nameplate holder, wood base/plaque, pegs, arrow, sinew and nameplate so you can choose to make it a wall mount or Desktop style



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