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Navajo Ceremonial Pow Wow Feather


This adornment is a feather used in various ceremonial functions. It’s main purpose is for cleansing and health. During the ceremony, also called “Smudging”, Cedar or Sage wood is lit and you would fan yourself with the Feather to take in the smoke’s healing good luck powers. Different from our Chippewa Talking Feather in size, but the construction is basically the same.

  • Hang it off the arrow as a Warrior Feather
  • Include it in a shadow box award
  • Addition to their Den Flag
  • Trophy or Game Award

Exposed Feather length: approximately 6 1/2 inches but will vary a little.

Anything you can think of. Possibilities can be endless!


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Spine of the feather is wound with leather and has four 4 inch ends, two on each side. (two to tie on the arrow and two with beads to hang down) The two ends near the Feather each have a yellow and blue bead on them. See Photo for example

Overall length of Feather tip to tip is 8 1/2 inches

Military Families to APO and FPO get 5% discount

Line 1 (typically name)

Line 2: arrow of light with pack number, patrol number, if desired limited by space

Line 3: month, date, and year, month and year or just year


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