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Old Program Premium Decorating Tape Bobcat to Arrow of Light™


Using our Premium Decorating tape you can turn your scouts arrow into a historical and personal one! It will highlight his journey through cub scouts, from Bobcat to Arrow of Light™. It is much cleaner than paint but if you plan on adding many additional awards, then paint is your best option.

We use glossy automotive premium tape, not vinyl.

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In our tape sets we provide the following:

  • 7 colored Career strips, Bobcat through Arrow of Light™. We provide you a schematic but you can choose to assign any color to the an award.
  • 2 strips of Gold.
  • 8 strips of Silver.
  • 20 white strips for Activity pins or other awards.
  • 7 colors for other awards earned, i.e. Outdoor Activity,World Conservation, Compass emblem.
  • Black 1/8″ tape to cover up lines.
  • Directions for applying tape.
  • Worksheet for tape placement.
  • Write to us using the contact page and let us know if there are any other colors you would like to see in the premium tape package.


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